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Howard, Stephen Assistant Principal
Thomas, Jameka Assistant Principal

Barnett, Candace 7th Grade/ELA
Blasco, Xiomara Spanish 6-8
Brown, Tommie Social Studies
Burks, Steevin 6th & 8th Grade/Physical Education/Health
Christian, Jacquetta 6th Grade/Social Studies/Purple Paw
Cohen, Autumn 7th Grade Science
Coleman, Sheryl 6th Grade/Science/Purple Paw
Cox, Angela 8th Grade/Science/ White Tiger
Crawford, LeAndre 6th and 7th Physical Education
Cunningham, Tara 7th Grade/Social Studies/Purple Cub
Dunham, Barbara Career Technology
Fagan, Derone 6th & 8th Grade/Physical Education/Health
Gaines, Danitris Special Education
Gill, Adriane 7th Grade/Mathematics/Purple Cub
Grace, Candace 8th Grade/Language Arts & Pre-AP/Purple Tiger
Griggs, Aljeanette 8th Grade/Mathematics/White Tiger
Griglen, Tonya 8th Grade/Science/Purple Tiger
Johnson-Hicks, Tonia 7th Grade/Language Art(Regular, Pre-AP, & Creative Writing)/Purple Cub
Kirk-May, Vicki 6th Grade/Lang. Arts/Purple Paw
Levy, Javonne Career Explorations
Linebarger, Tiffany Math
Malone, Felicia 6th Grade/Social Studies/White Paw
Martin, Kristi 7th Grade/ Social Studies/ White Cubs
McClain-Russell, Nicole 6th/Language Arts/ White Paw
McGowan, Alice Resource 7th & 8th
Murry, Sarrah Technology
Poole, Andrea 6th Grade/Math/White Paw
Rogers, LaTonya 8th Grade/ Social Studies/ White Tiger
Sanders, Daniella Math
Seidel, Mathew 8thgrade/ELA/White Tigers
Shanks, Julius Special Education
Shuler, Chaundra Special Education
Sledge, LaSonya 6th Grade/Math/Purple Paw
Thomas, Jameka Assistant Principal
Twyman, Tristan Band Director
Walker, Janet Special Education MD 7th & 8th
Williams, Kenneth Science
Wilson-Pugh, Tiffany 8th Grade/Social Studies/Purple Tiger
Winston, Harry Special Education
Yarbrough, Reginald Choir
Yates, Dustin Social Studies

Cochran, Exter Counselor
Gray, Nicole Financial Secretary
Hosey, Jessetta Library/Media Specialist
Jones, Vanessa Manager, Lunchroom Staff
Lewis, Helen Special Education
Miller, Tonia Counselor
Strode, Portia custodian
Underwood, Mattie Special Education
Winston, Harry Special Education