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Science 6



Welcome to 6th Grade!  I am so excited about the 2018-2019 school year!  Our students will be involved in so many engaging and challenging activities that will change the way they view the world.  This year, our science classroom will be filled with opportunities for students to conduct hands-on experiments that will create rich, memorable learning experiences for them.

 In Grade 6, concrete experiences remain important to students as they conduct scientific inquires and include evidence of abstract ideas in their explorations.  Students refine their abilities to identify variables and increase the accuracy of their predications based on  prior experiences and explanations based on information gathered.

Sixth grade science curriculum focuses on earth and space science. Content standards challenge students to discover their Earth and its place in the universe. The study of Science is blended with the development of literacy in the content area, mathematical skills such as charting and graphing, and project-based learning.

Communication between teacher and parent is vital in my class.  The quality of your students' learning experience will be highly dependent on the integration of their school life with their home life.  I don't mean that students should spend copious quantities of time on homework. Quite the contrary!  Having simple conversations about what your child is learning makes a HUGE impact on their experiences.  I want to help in any way possible and I want to keep you informed of everything that is going on in science class.

Again, welcome to 6th grade!  I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you and your child.



This is my 19th year in education. I have taught 3rd, 4th and 6th grade. I am AMSTI trained in Science in 3rd, 4th and 6th grade. I also have completed year 1 of Laying the Foundations for 6th grade Science.


It is truly a blessing to join the Bessemer City Middle School Family!  I am excited to be here and support the 6th grade academy in our vision and mission to develop confident and competent learners.

I currently hold a B.S. degree in Elementary Education from Miles College, a M.A. degree in Elementary Education, a M.A. Certificate in Educational Administration both from Alabama State University, and an ED.S degree in Educational Administration from Samford University.

This is my 19th year in education and I have enjoyed each and every year. I am happily married with three children; Gwendolyn, Brayden and Ashton and a grand-daughter, Madison Bella.  I enjoy attending church, reading, exercising and being a "sports" mom. 

I love to learn! My motto in life is to learn something new every day. I think it is very important to take advantage of each day to learn something unique.   What we learn today will have an impact on our lives tomorrow.  Together we will discover all the ways we can use this new information to make learning exciting. Knowledge is power!